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Montessori pedagogy is an educational approach developed by Maria Montessori in the early 1900s. It is an alternative to traditional teaching methods that emphasizes child-centered learning and hands-on activities. Montessori education has gained popularity in recent years due to its unique approach and focus on individualized learning.

One of the key differences between Montessori pedagogy and other teaching methods is its focus on student-centered learning. Montessori education prioritizes the individual child's interests and needs, allowing them to guide their own learning. This approach is in stark contrast to traditional teaching methods, which typically involve the teacher leading the lesson and imparting knowledge to the students.

Another key difference is the use of materials in Montessori education. Montessori classrooms are equipped with a variety of hands-on learning materials that students are free to explore and work with at their own pace. These materials are designed to be self-correcting, allowing students to learn through trial and error. Traditional classrooms, on the other hand, typically rely on textbooks and lectures to convey information.

Montessori pedagogy also differs from other teaching methods in its emphasis on mixed-age classrooms. In Montessori schools, children of different ages are grouped together in the same classroom. This allows older children to act as mentors and role models for younger students, while younger students benefit from exposure to more advanced work.

One of the advantages of Montessori education is its emphasis on independence and self-motivation. Because students are allowed to guide their own learning, they develop a sense of autonomy and self-direction. This can lead to increased confidence and a lifelong love of learning. Additionally, the hands-on materials used in Montessori classrooms can help students develop a deeper understanding of concepts and retain information more effectively.

Another advantage is the focus on social and emotional development. Montessori classrooms prioritize the development of social skills, such as cooperation and conflict resolution, through group work and peer-to-peer learning. Students are also encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and the classroom environment, which can help them develop a sense of empathy and respect for others.

In conclusion, Montessori pedagogy offers a unique approach to education that emphasizes child-centered learning, hands-on materials, and mixed-age classrooms. While it has many advantages, such as fostering independence and social-emotional development, it also has some drawbacks, such as a lack of structure and potential cost barriers. Ultimately, the choice of educational approach depends on the individual needs and interests of the student, as well as the resources available to the family.



Our vision is to provide activity based education, encourage the students to think independently, develop hobbies and prepare the students to face the challenges of life confidently.



To provide quality education in a conducive environment and help our students to develop skills for life.


The journey of Kanji Khetsey Pre-Primary School

Based on the principles of Shanti Niketan and Maria Montessori, Shree Mumbadevi Vidya Mandir (SMVM) established by its parent body, KES, follows the Montessori philosophy of education, which emphasizes hands-on learning and individualized attention. This approach has been shown to be highly effective in preparing children for success in school and life. The new facility is equipped with all the latest Montessori materials and equipment.

Managing committee members

Shri Manoj Shah


Shri Prakash Shah


Shri Mahendra Mehta

Vice- President

Shri Prakash Kothari

Hon. Secretary

Ms Vidushi Munshi

Hon. Joint Secretary

Shri Raju Marfatia

Hon Treasurer

Shri Vishal Shah

Hon. Joint Treasurer

Shri Naresh Khandwala


Shri Niranjan Amin


Shri Pankaj Mehta


Shri Jagdish Shah


Shri Ashok Pandya

Nominee Trustee

Shri Mihir Mehta

Nominee Trustee & Member

Shri Uday Nanavati

Shri Uday Nanavati

Ms Triya Nanavati


Dr Ushma Mehta


Shri Nilesh Mehta


Shri Rajiv Choksey


Shri Apurva Mankad


Shri Hrishabh Marfatia

Benefactor Member

Shri Vibhas Khandwala


Shri Harshad Desai


PTA Executive Committee Members 2022-23

Primary & Secondary

Class Name Designation
Mrs. Ranjana Chowdhury Principal (Chairperson)
Mrs. Heena Mehta Secretary
I Mrs. Divya Oza Member
II Mr. Ravi Solanki Member
III Mr. Roshan Mahadik Vice Chairperson
IV Mrs. Trupti Sonawale Member
V Mrs. Reeta Tiwari Member
VI Mrs. Parveen Barudgar Jt. Secretary
VII Mr. Salim Motiwala Member
VIII Mrs. Palak Bhatti Transport Committee Member
IX Mrs. Pooja Manwani Member
X Mr. Kailashkumar Varodia Member
XI Mrs. Mohita Sah Member
XII Mrs. Sarabjeet Gujral Member

Teacher Members

Class Name of the Teacher Designation
I Hencita D’souza Member
II Taihreen Khan Member
III Odelia D’mello Vice Chairperson
IV Kimberley Fernandes Member
V Nilakshi Mhaskar Member
VI Deepashri Mankar Member
VII Varnita Naik Member
VIII Sarvani Roy Jt. Secretary
IX Neenu Nesan Member
X Heena Mehta Secretary

Infrastructure Details:

  • Facility of Mid-day meal.
  • Individual attention to weaker students.
  • Irrigation of rituals with action learning from the base.
  • Digital classrooms
  • Science Laboratory
  • Pleasurable learning
  • Physical & intellectual learning of the students
  • Large playground
  • Air-conditioned computer lab
  • Huge & Decorated Auditorium
  • Scholarship facility
  • Sports accomplishment.
  • Yearly medical checkup facility.
  • Music room
  • Library with various books to inculcate the habit of reading.
  • For the IX & X standard students, we have a technical section.
  • Well-Trained educators.



Computer Lab


Dr Maria Montessori's experiential learning
in classrooms can lead to:

  • A deeper understanding of language, mathematics, science, music, social interactions and much more
  • Absolute match between the children’s natural interests and the available activities
  • Children can learn through their own experience and at their own pace
  • They can respond to natural curiosities
  • Build a solid foundation for life-long learning
  • Realise the distinctive learning patterns from traditional education systems
  • With specially designed learning materials children will be deeply engaged in their work
  • Children will become respectful of the environment and social gatherings

Benefits from attributes:

  • Inclusiveness with acceptance of individual perspectives
  • Respecting themselves and their peers
  • Encouraging happiness and hope
  • Develop a sense of self-worth and integrity
  • Real-world readiness to interact with adults
  • Good judgement & Accountability for self-discipline
  • Ability to handle failure and rejection in a steadfast manner
  • The knowledge improves their intelligence and prepares them for academic excellence
  • Responsible for handling conflict and disagreements in a cordial manner
  • Inculcate self-creativity, self-expression, and independent thinking
  • Motivation to contribute to community/society
Sr. No. Co-curricular Activities
1 Magic Touch – Value Education (SR. KG., I, II) / School Cinema (III – XII)
2 Inter house competitions
3 Morning Assembly
4 Project Exhibition
5 Celebration of Festivals
6 Sports
Sr. No. Extra curricular Activity
1 Educational Field Trip
2 Picnic
3 Interschool Competitions: sports, Art & Culture, Academics
4 Trekking, Adventure Sports
6 Swimming Coaching

Sensitive to their psychological, physical and social development,
our Montessori provides benefits like:

  • The child is prepared with the best social skills
  • It emphasises the independent hands-on learning method to nurture children
  • Prepares children to make a difference in the real world
  • Our well-trained teachers guide and provide age-based activities to children
  • Montessori helps children express themselves where teachers adapt to them
  • It is carefully designed to bring out the best in your child and connect them to others


Our dedication to excellence extends to the campus facilities. The infrastructure, sports arenas, transportation arrangements, library, laboratories, and medical facilities.

Admission Details:


Filling and submitting the admission form and Securing Admission

Please complete the form in its entirety as the information requested is mandatory for our record purposes. Once filled, you may submit the same to the admissions counsellor at the school.

  • The Admissions Counsellor will verify the admission form and then request to make the fees payment to secure the seat.
  • Admission is confirmed only post payment of the admission fee.
  • Please note that all important communication regarding the admissions process will be via email

Age Criteria for Admissions in 2023-24

  • Montessori - I :- Three (03) Years completed by 31st December 2022

Fees Policy

  • 1.The school fees can be paid in not exceeding two instalments. The last dates for paying the fees without attracting any

    late fee fines are as under:

    • First Term Fee 15th April of each year
    • Second Term Fee 15th October of each year
  • 2. Fees paid after the above dates will attract late fee fine as per the policy.
  • 3. The fees can be paid online through NEFT, RTGS or through MICM payment gateway of the school ERP.

Fee Refund Policy:

  • If the parents cancel the admission before the beginning of the Academic Year, the fees will be refunded after deducting the Admission fee and the Administration charges.
  • If the parents withdraw their child from the school after the academic year begins, First Term's Fees will not be refunded.
  • If the parents withdraw the child from the school in the second term, no refund will be applicable.
  • Parents must give a written notice of withdrawal at least one month in advance to be eligible to get the refund.
  • If the school fees are not paid on or before 15th April 2023, for the first term and 15th October 2023, for the second term, a fine will be charged at Rs. 50/- per day.
  • Request for Late Payment of fee application has to be approved in advance by the principal.

SOP For Admission:

1. Parents Enquiry:

  • Through telephone calls.
  • Through mail on the website.
  • Registration on the website portal.
  • Walk-In.

2. Office In Charge To Orient Parents:

  • Checking the address.
  • Giving a brief about KES, school and curriculum followed, fees and activities.

3. Parents fill in the registration form.

4. Called for Admission:

  • The 1st Standard of admission is provided on the basis of the birth certificate, and the 2nd standard onwards it’s on the basis of results & original school leaving certificate attached.
  • For reserved categories, the original caste certificate is attached.

5. Fees Details:

  • Every month from 1st to 10th on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Yearly or 6 months fee can be paid.
  • The fee paid is nonrefundable.

Contact us for more details: Email | Contact Number: 022-6133 1727

Address: Khar Education Society’s Shree Mumbadevi Vidya Mandir (Montessori, ICSE and ISC) Gate No. 4, 2nd Hasnabad Lane, Khar (West), Mumbai – 400 052.


Ms. Nysha Vhatwar won 1st place in the Under-9 girls’ group in the prestigious ‘Pinnacle Chess Fest 2020’ organised by Universal Chess Foundation.

Mst. Chirayu Gawde received 1 gold and 1 silver medal in the open state speed skating championship.

Mst. Chirayu Gawde has successfully made the 96-hour roller skating world record.

Ms. Tulsi Prajapati won 1st place in ‘My Doctor My Hero’ Drawing Competition organised by the Rotary Club of Mumbai.

Ms. Nysa Manwani won 2nd place in the Mock United Nations (MUN) conducted by IRMUN (International Republic Model United Nations) held from August 5th to August 7th at St. Gregorius High School, Mumbai.





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