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Education is a continuous and creative process to bring out the inherent potential of a student, and the role of the teacher is to facilitate this process. A manifestation of the educational venture of the visionaries of KES is a unique concoction of modernity and tradition.

Today, education is the birthright of every child, and promoting it in its sincerest form is the prime responsibility of every school. The focus is on child-centric education with all-round development of the child so that he or she is academically sound, physically fit, and mentally strong, emotionally balanced, ethically correct, morally wealthy, and ready to face the real world with élan and exactitude. Academic excellence remains a focus after three years of remarkable The results in the ICSE Examinations speak volumes of the relentless efforts of the teachers and students of SMVM.

"Glory is like a circle in the water, which never ceases to enlarge itself".

The school has been making steady progress in terms of qualitative growth and effective systems, and better facilities with each passing year. We believe in ‘’Thinking Global and acting local’’. In our endeavour, the child is the nucleus, and all efforts are focused on him or her. Armed with the unconditional support of the parents and the guidance of the school, Managing Committee, the school has come a long way and made its place in the educational map of Mumbai, Khar (W).

"Develop a passion for learning." If you do, you will never cease to grow."

Our school is constantly scaling new heights with excellent professional training and children so that they evolve as excellent individuals who have honed their skills in the microcosm of the school and are equipped to lead and inspire in the microcosm of the world. We are very glad to say that our school has upgraded to Class XII (ISC) with Science and Commerce streams. It is a proud moment for all of us at KES that the school has achieved another milestone. It is going to be a one-point destination for a student’s schooling, with Montessori as the entry point class. It is a dream come true for all stakeholder groups at Khar Education Society. Now we are looking at the past with satisfaction and at the future with great enthusiasm and energy. The struggle to become a centre of excellence moves forward with more confident steps and the destination seems within reach.


From The Principal

"શિક્ષણ એ સૌથી શક્તિશાળી શસ્ત્ર છે જેનો ઉપયોગ તમે વિશ્વને બદલવા માટે કરી શકો છો." - એપીજે. અબ્દુલ કલામ.

Shree M.M. Pupils’ Own School and Sharda Mandir is entirely devoted to studies with a pleasant atmosphere, nature’s care, and huge & airy classrooms. This school is bent on giving the best culture & sow the fruitful seed of character into the personality of the students. The school aims to guide students towards the right path and help them chase their dreams. One can find here dreams resulting into reality. We are bent upon providing the best guidance, experiences, knowledge, and proper background to the students which will provide them with the ground to develop a potential that would help them affirm a career-making decision without being deviated.

The foundation of the school is concentrated on personality development as well as the development of learning in the students. The entire emphasis has been laid on the overall development of the students.

The purpose of education is not to restrict to bookish knowledge but to teach humanitarian values like compassion, courage, integrity and reliability in a student that can extract the potential of the students. There is a continuous flow of love and affection from the teachers to the students where the latter can draw a great inspiration to mould themselves in such a way that is conducive to the competitive world.

Our aim is to make education a fun-filled, enjoyable, learning and growing experience on a solid foundation of values. We believe it is essential to the students that they should await to come to the school regularly and have fond memories of their time spent with us, long after they have left the school portals.

Mrs. Keyuri Patel

- Principal



Our vision is to provide activity based education, encourage the students to think independently, develop hobbies and prepare the students to face the challenges of life confidently.



To provide quality education in a conducive environment and help our students to develop skills for life.


The journey of Shree M.M. Pupils’ Own School and Sharda Mandir

Khar Education Society, a Gujarati Minority Welfare Trust, was formed in 1934. It took over 'Bal-Mandir' which had started in 1930, added further classes, and named it 'Sharda Mandir' in 1933 at Khar, Mumbai and brought it under its banner It amalgamated with Sharda Mandir. Then it was named “Shree M.M. Pupil's Own School and Sharda Mandir.”

It has a very long list of illustrious alumni who have successfully made great names and fame in fields such as social work, industry, science, arts, politics, and others fields.

We are running the Gujarati Medium School for the last 84 years. It has become a huge tree which has given shadow & fruits to lakhs of students and at present students are still enjoying the sweet fruits of the same tree.

Managing committee members

Shri Manoj Shah


Shri Prakash Shah


Shri Mahendra Mehta

Vice- President

Shri Prakash Kothari

Hon. Secretary

Ms Vidushi Munshi

Hon. Joint Secretary

Shri Raju Marfatia

Hon Treasurer

Shri Vishal Shah

Hon. Joint Treasurer

Shri Naresh Khandwala


Shri Niranjan Amin


Shri Pankaj Mehta


Shri Jagdish Shah


Shri Ashok Pandya

Nominee Trustee

Shri Mihir Mehta

Nominee Trustee & Member

Shri Uday Nanavati

Shri Uday Nanavati

Ms Triya Nanavati


Dr Ushma Mehta


Shri Nilesh Mehta


Shri Rajiv Choksey


Shri Apurva Mankad


Shri Hrishabh Marfatia

Benefactor Member

Shri Vibhas Khandwala


Shri Harshad Desai


PTA Executive Committee Members 2022-23

Primary & Secondary

Class Name Designation
Mrs. Ranjana Chowdhury Principal (Chairperson)
Mrs. Heena Mehta Secretary
I Mrs. Divya Oza Member
II Mr. Ravi Solanki Member
III Mr. Roshan Mahadik Vice Chairperson
IV Mrs. Trupti Sonawale Member
V Mrs. Reeta Tiwari Member
VI Mrs. Parveen Barudgar Jt. Secretary
VII Mr. Salim Motiwala Member
VIII Mrs. Palak Bhatti Transport Committee Member
IX Mrs. Pooja Manwani Member
X Mr. Kailashkumar Varodia Member
XI Mrs. Mohita Sah Member
XII Mrs. Sarabjeet Gujral Member

Teacher Members

Class Name of the Teacher Designation
I Hencita D’souza Member
II Taihreen Khan Member
III Odelia D’mello Vice Chairperson
IV Kimberley Fernandes Member
V Nilakshi Mhaskar Member
VI Deepashri Mankar Member
VII Varnita Naik Member
VIII Sarvani Roy Jt. Secretary
IX Neenu Nesan Member
X Heena Mehta Secretary

Infrastructure Details:

  • Facility of Mid-day meal.
  • Individual attention to weaker students.
  • Irrigation of rituals with action learning from the base.
  • Digital classrooms
  • Science Laboratory
  • Pleasurable learning
  • Physical & intellectual learning of the students
  • Large playground
  • Air-conditioned computer lab
  • Huge & Decorated Auditorium
  • Scholarship facility
  • Sports accomplishment.
  • Yearly medical checkup facility.
  • Music room
  • Library with various books to inculcate the habit of reading.
  • For the IX & X standard students, we have a technical section.
  • Well-Trained educators.



Computer Lab


Science Lab

Sports Activities:

  • Under sports, we arrange inter-class competitions such as KHO-KHO, Badminton, Cricket & Football.
  • Indoor activities like Carom & Chess

Extracurricular Activities & Functions:

Other activities like dance, acting, cultural activities, festival celebration, sports, mass drills, oratory etc.

  • Annual day - This year we have celebrated “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav”
  • Children’s day
  • Christmas celebration
  • Dancing activity
  • Ikebana Japanese art of flower arrangement & western arrangement
  • Festival celebration
  • Music Activity
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Rally
  • Republic day celebration
  • Fun & fare
  • Educational Expedition.
  • Picnics.
Sr. No. Co-curricular Activities
1 Magic Touch – Value Education (SR. KG., I, II) / School Cinema (III – XII)
2 Inter house competitions
3 Morning Assembly
4 Project Exhibition
5 Celebration of Festivals
6 Sports
Sr. No. Extra curricular Activity
1 Educational Field Trip
2 Picnic
3 Interschool Competitions: sports, Art & Culture, Academics
4 Trekking, Adventure Sports
6 Swimming Coaching


Our dedication to excellence extends to the campus facilities. The infrastructure, sports arenas, transportation arrangements, library, laboratories, and medical facilities.

Admission Details:

  • Admission: For Academic Term 2023-24
  • The 1st Standard of admission is provided on the basis of the birth certificate, and the 2nd standard onwards it’s on the basis of results & original school leaving certificate attached.
  • Time: Contact Office Between 09:30 AM To 01:00 PM.

SOP For Admission:

1. Parents Enquiry:

  • Through telephone calls.
  • Through mail on the website.
  • Registration on the website portal.
  • Walk-In.

2. Office In Charge To Orient Parents:

  • Checking the address.
  • Giving a brief about KES, school and curriculum followed, fees and activities.

3. Parents fill in the registration form.

4. Called for Admission:

  • The 1st Standard of admission is provided on the basis of the birth certificate, and the 2nd standard onwards it’s on the basis of results & original school leaving certificate attached.
  • Students can only be admitted to Class 1 at the age of 7 years and above
  • For reserved categories, the original caste certificate is attached.

5. Fees Details:

  • Every month from 1st to 10th on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Yearly or 6 months fee can be paid.
  • The fee paid is nonrefundable.

Contact us for more details: Email mmpos07@gmail.com | Contact Number: 022 61331707 / 61331705

Address:M. M. Pupils’ Own School & Sharda Mandir, S. V. Road, Khar (West), Mumbai 400052. Maharashtra, India.


H - Ward Science Exhibition

Zonal Level Elocution Competition won by Divya Rathod





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